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About Us

BeamNet comprises of Professional IT Consultants with many years of solid experience. Our team is well equipped with modern IT techniques. We provide twice the care, attention and security to our clients' assets, systems as compared to other IT solutions providers.

Our Mission

BeamNet is formed with the vision to provide quality and secure solutions usually achievable by large companies. Its aim is to become a single point of contact for its customers needs. We provide a service as to be your own IT department. With BeamNet as your service partner, you can fully focus on your business while we focus on the ways to enhance the productivity for your business.

Our consultants have broad range of experience in the IT field. We have qualified experts from Microsoft, Cisco, Linux, EC-Council and Mac. Having expertise in different platforms, Dual Layer can truly provide the dynamic and cost effective solutions. Our consultants are professional, helpful and fully understand the needs of our clients. We listen carefully and act professionally to meet your business needs. Our experts have years of experience in IT infrastructure management, Network continuity, Network design and implementation, IT security, IT asset management, licensing management etc.

Our Clients

We have clients from different industry sectors such as Finance, Trade, and Sports. Our clients are based in Hong Kong, Thailand and Shanghai. We have the expertise to provide our services on a regional basis. We are the IT department of our client, a single point of contact and we have very high professional business relations with all of our clients. We act proactively to address any issues concerning our clients' systems performance.

Technical Support

Hotline:+852 3499 1687